Glossary Index

Industrial wastes


Waste produced or arising mainly from manufacturing or industrial activities or processes. Depending on the amount of harmful substances present in the waste it is considered hazardous or not.

The five types of industrial wastes considered in the present assessment are:

  1. Solvents and waste oils
  2. Sludge (from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment processes)
  3. Filter cake from wastewater treatment
  4. Paint and ink residues
  5. Fluff (mixture of plastics, textiles and other materials)

These five waste streams meet three criteria, namely they:

  • are currently be used as alternative fuel in cement kilns in Belgium
  • can also be disposed of in waste incinerators
  • are affected by the change in taxation on the use of waste as alternative fuel

The wastes to be treated mainly come from industrial facilities and wastewater treatment plants located in various parts of Belgium, northern France, western Germany (near the Belgian border) and southern Netherlands.