Figures & Tables

Table 4: Overview of Impact categories in CML and Eco-indicator 99 impact assessment methods

CML   Eco-indicator 99 (sensitivity analysis)
Impact category Midpoint unit Impact category Damage unit
Abiotic Depletion kg Sb eq. Depletion of Fossils MJ surplus energy
    Depletion of Minerals MJ surplus energy
Global Warming kg CO2 eq. Global Warming DALY
Ozone Depletion kg CFC-11 eq. Ozone Depletion DALY
Human Toxicity kg C6H4Cl2 eq. Carcinogenics DALY
Photochemical Oxidant Creation kg C2H4 eq. Respiratory organics DALY
    Respiratory inorganics DALY
Freshwater Aquatic Ecosystem Toxicity kg C6H4Cl2 eq. Eco-toxicity PAF.m2.year
Terrestrial Ecosystem Toxicity kg C6H4Cl2 eq.    
Marine Aquatic Ecosystem Toxicity kg C6H4Cl2 eq.    
    Land use PDF.m2.year
Acidification kg SO2 eq. Acidification and Eutrophication PDF.m2.year
Eutrophication kg PO43- eq.

Source: TNO,  LCA of thermal treatment of waste streams in cement clinker kilns (2007)